Kinda Salty About Not Being a Mermaid Lovey
Kinda Salty About Not Being a Mermaid Lovey
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Kinda Salty About Not Being a Mermaid Lovey

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This lovey is mermaid vibes all day! Glittery water color mermaid scales surround the most gorgeous lettering, “Kinda salty about not being a mermaid”. This print is on a minty blue background, that makes the glitter scales really pop! The scales have amazing shades of gold, purple, periwinkle, green, and pink!

Lovey blanket is 15x15” with coordinating ribbons and an optional silicone teething ring.

Note: this is not a full sized blanket. Please check out our other listings for larger sizes of this print!

100% Polyester Minky!

Fold over edges are simple, the fluffy backing fabric wraps around to the front of the blanket, framing the print. This makes the blanket a little more cuddly, and creates a nice border around each side. If you'd like to enhance your cuddle experience, use the drop down menu to select fold over edges on your next blanket.  


Any blankets using double sided minky, with or without stretch will have fold over edges applied, to create the nicest finish possible. 

Example photo showing with and without folded over edging.



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