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Sizing Information

Here are my suggestions to help you narrow down the perfect size for your needs. 

- Infant Sizes (27x36" & 30x30") 

Infant sizes work best for ages newborn-18 months, however many toddlers still love this size for dragging around and taking on the go. 

- Toddler Size (36x42")

The infant sizes are great starter blankets for babies, but this size will last longer into toddler years. I recommend this size for ages newborn-4 years. If you’re looking for a blanket that will fit a crib or toddler bed, this is my go to.

- Child Size (54x36")

This is the most versatile size by far! The 54x36" covers a toddler mattress completely, with a little room to spare, it also works well for a throw blanket for toddlers and many elementary aged kids. I recommend this size for kids about 8 and under, however many adults like this option to keep their legs warm.

- Child Size (50x”50”) 

I recommend this size for ages 8-12, but it can definitely work for older and younger ages. I personally use this size as a couch throw, and to take on trips if I don’t want something too large. 

- Adult Sizes (54x72" & 54x108")

You can not go wrong these large sizes. The 54x72” is great for twin beds with overhang, many TSG loving kids use this size in place of their usual store bought twin comforter. The 54x108” is 3 feet longer than the 72”. I recommend both of these sizes as oversized throw blankets for kids, teens, and adults. I like using these sizes on my queen sized bed. Though there is no overhang on the sides like there is a twin bed, it almost completely covers the top.