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Preorder Information and Updates

Preorder Information & Updates

 Preorders bring us so much fun! If you’re looking for some fun characters, or unique prints made into some silky soft snuggles, preorders are exactly what you need to watch for!

 Preorders do not ship within our standard 2-4 week handmade turn around time. When a round opens, we announce it in the TSG VIP Facebook group. Each round is only available for a limited time, usually between 7-14 days. Once the round closes all orders are counted, and we place our order of all fabrics at once.

Printing times are estimates based on previous round averages from each fabric shop. This time frame may be affected by things out of our control such as holidays, shipping delays, and disasters. There are no guaranteed dates when purchasing from a preorder. Printing time starts the day the round closes, accounting for the time it takes for fabric to be bulk printed and the fabric shop to begin processing. This does not include the fabric arriving here, for sewing and shipping to you. I do my very very best to get preorders sewn up and out the door as quickly as possible upon fabric arrival. On average, I quote 2-4 weeks for cutting, sewing, and shipping once the round arrives here at TSG, though I do my very best to get them out as quick as possible, and this time frame greatly varies on the size of the round. 

Generally there are not many updates available from fabric shops on preorder rounds until the printing is completed. When any updates are shared with me, including shipping emails, this page is updated to reflect the new status of each round. 



Christmas and Cartoons - 10/06-10/18


Estimated Printing Time - 2-6 weeks 

Estimated time to complete sewing and shipping: 1-2 weeks

  • 10/06 Round Open 
  • 10/12 Round Extended
  • 10/18 Round Closed 
  • 10/18 Fabric Ordered from Host
  • 12/14 Fabric arrived at TSG
  • 12/19 Completed / Shipped 



Artistic Mix - 08/05-08/15


Estimated Printing Time - 8-12 Weeks 

Estimated time to complete sewing and shipping: 1-2 weeks

  • 08/05 Round Open 
  • 08/15 Round Closed 
  • 08/15 Fabric Ordered From Host 
  • 10/18 Printing Complete - Awaiting Shipping
  •  11/02 Shipping info recieved
  • 11/10 Fabric arrived at TSG
  • 11/10 Processing
  • 11/22 Round completed


Illumination Wars Preorder - 05/04-05/15


Estimated Printing Time - 6-12 Weeks 

Estimated time to complete sewing and shipping: 1-3 weeks.

  • 05/04 Round Open 
  • 05/15 Round Closed
  • 05/15 Fabric Ordered From Host 
  • 07/26 Fabric Host Notified me of a misprint error, and reprints are being rush printed. Will update again when more information is received 
  • 08/17 Shipping Info Received 
  • 08/22 Fabric arrived at TSG
  • 08/22 Processing
  • 09/06 Round completed 


Illuminations Rerun Preorder - 04/16-04/28


Estimated Printing Time - 6-12 Weeks

Estimated time to complete sewing and shipping: 2-5 weeks. 

  • 04/16 Round Open 
  • 04/24 Round Extended to 04/30, New Prints added.
  • 04/30 Round Closed 
  • 04/30 Fabric Purchased from Host 
  • 06/29 - Shipping Info Received 
  • 06/30 - Fabric In transit to TSG 
  • 07/05 - Fabric arrived at TSG
  • 07/05 - Processing
  • 07/30 - Around 60% Shipped, restocking 3 colors to finalize 
  • 08/10 Solids restocked, wrapping up this round 
  • 08/15 - Final order shipped 


October Rerun Preorder - 10/06-10/16


Estimated Printing Time - 6-12 Weeks

Estimated time to complete sewing and shipping: 2-4 weeks. 

  • 10/06 Round Open 
  • 10/16 Round Closed
  • 10/16 Fabric Ordered From Host
  • 01/24 Shipping Email Received 
  • 01/29 Fabric arrived at TSG
  • 01/30 Processing 
  • 02/20 One order remaining (Color selection on backorder - ETA 03/02-03/09)
  • 03/11 Color arrived
  • 03/15 Round Completed // All orders shipped.