Helpful Information

New to TSG? Here is some helpful information to get your started! 

Welcome to TSG! We are all about snuggly blankets here, and the softer the better!

Our blankets are made from the highest quality minky fabric. If you’re unfamiliar with minky, imagine the softest teddy bear you’ve ever had, but softer. Our fabrics are digitally printed using baby friendly water based inks. 

We offer a large variety of patterns and designs, including exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else. If you have a print in mind, or need something specific we may not carry, please checkout the Build Your Dream Blanket option to create something that is perfectly true to you. 

What size should I buy?

Take a look at our sizing recommendations! Keep in mind these are minky snuggle blankets, so while many options can work in place of standard bedding options, the sizing is different than store bought comforters. 

How should I wash my blanket?

Minky is a soft and delicate fabric, so washing requires a gentle approach. For best results, follow our care guidelines.



Want to add that extra personalized touch? Check out our personalized blanket options! We want the personalization to last, so each name is added to the fabric file before printing, then printed directly into the fabric. Due to our method of personalization, not all listings have the option available. New designs are always in the works, so be on the lookout for more personalized options in the future. 

Preorders and Character Prints: 

Character prints are offered in monthly preorders, and ready to ship stockings. Preorders are open for a limited time, usually between 5 and 14 days, there are no guarantees that the fabric will be available again in the future, but it is always possible. Once the preorder is closed, fabric begins printing. Printing time frames for preorders can vary anywhere from 4-16 weeks from the closing date. Each preorder listing will specify the time frame for that round. The printing time frame does not include the time to cut, sew, and ship blankets once the fabric arrives to me. I prioritize preorders as much as possible to limit the additional wait time on your end. Fabric companies usually order extra fabric with the preorder that they list for sale, I am always happy to check around for past preorder prints for the Build Your Dream Blanket listing. For preorder updates, see the comments in the original VIP group post for that round or check the Preorder Information and Updates page. 

Social Media: 

Come hang out with us! The Facebook VIP group is the best place to keep up with new releases, sales, ready to ship stockings, and fun preorder fabrics. I love games and giveaways! TSG is also on Pinterest and Instagram!