Caring For Your Blanket

Minky fabric is soft and delicate on the skin. This requires a gentle approach to cleaning in order to keep them soft and ultra snuggly. Nothing wears out a blanket faster than heat from laundering or fabric softeners. For best results follow our care guidelines to preserve all of that softness we love so much.


  • Always wash in cold water, on the delicate or gentle cycle. 
  • Wash your Minky separately from apparel, towels, and other laundry. For adult size blankets, wash one at a time. Smaller blankets can be washed in multiples.
  • Absolutely no fabric softener, this includes dryer sheets. Fabric softener is the enemy to these furry fabrics, and creates a harsh build up in the fibers. White vinegar is a fantastic substitute!
  • I recommend only using liquid detergents when washing your snuggles. Laundry pods often have fabric softener in them. My personal preference is All Free & Clear liquid detergent. 
  • If using a heated dryer, use the low heat or no heat options. Hanging to dry is a great option as well.
  • I personally prefer tossing them in the dryer for 15-20 minutes to fluff up the fibers, then hanging to finishing drying.


From blanket forts, to dragging them everywhere kiddos go, blankets can take quite the beating. Every 2-3 washes, following normal washing guidelines of course, I like to do a vinegar only wash. I substitute all detergents for plain white vinegar to help bring it back to life. You don’t need a lot, usually 1/2-1 cup is plenty. I know I know, vinegar is not a friend to our noses, but the smell dissipates once your blankey is dry and ready for its next adventure. It’s totally worth it. For heavier soiled blankets, I occasionally take a wide toothed comb and gently comb out the fur to fluff it up just a little better once it’s completely dry.